Impact of Extremism on Women

Sisters In Islam (SIS) conference on Islam Unsurrendered: Women Rising Against Extremism began its last day with a rousing panel on the imperative need for upholding international commitments of the state to Muslim Women’s Human Rights.
Sisters In Islam (SIS) conference on Islam Unsurrendered: Women Rising Against Extremism took a deeper look at the structural flaws of Islamic jurisprudence during the eye opening panel session on Syariah Criminal Law.
The Indonesian Women’s Ulama Congress (KUPI) Network or KUPI-network has found issuing fatwas to be a comprehensive and effective way of combatting state policies and laws that discriminate against Muslim women in the country.
Sisters In Islam (SIS) conference on Islam Unsurrendered: Women Rising Against Extremism, began its second day with a thought provoking panel session on deconstructing the Struggle of Muslim Women as Human Rights Defenders (MWHRD).
Hari kedua Persidangan Islam Dipertahan: Wanita Bangkit Menentang Ekstremisme yang dianjurkan oleh Sisters In Islam dimulakan dengan sesi panel pemikiran yang membangkitkan perjuangan Wanita Muslim sebagai Pembela Hak Asasi Manusia (WMPHAM).
Malaysia has regressed in the realm of womens’ rights with child marriages still being legalized, and female genital mutilation being accepted as part of our culture, among other pressing issues.
Sisters In Islam (SIS) launched their comprehensive survey on The Public & Personal Rights of Muslim Women in Malaysia this morning at the Islam Unsurrendered: Women Rising Against Extremism Conference.
Sisters in Islam (SIS) telah melancarkan tinjauan komprehensif mengenai ‘Hak Awam & Peribadi Islam Wanita di Malaysia’ pagi ini di Persidangan, Islam Dipertahankan, Wanita Bangkit Menentang Ekstremisme.
“Muslim women’s roles and personal agency in the fight against rising extremism must be given urgent attention despite the continuing antagonism and vilification it brings,” said Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir.
Wanita harus segera diberi peranan berserta mempunyai pengaruh peribadi dalam menghadapi gejala ekstremisme melampau walaupun berdepan pelbagai tentangan dan rintangan. Ekstremisme yang berterusan tidak harus dibiarkan lagi, kata Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir.
“We need to understand why people get radicalized into violent extremism and to provide the women’s and youth’s perspectives on it,” said to Komuniti Muslim Universal Malaysia founder and country director Aizat Samsuddin.
“Kita perlu faham mengapa orang menjadi radikal sehingga menjadi pelampau yang ekstrim, dan meletakkannya pada perspektif wanita dan belia,” kata Pengasas dan Pengarah Komuniti Muslim Universal Malaysia, Aizat Samsuddin.
A Regional Youth Caucus Meeting organised by Sisters in Islam today, brought together an exciting group of 44 youth leaders from five countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. This Meeting aims to analyse and offer actionable solutions for the myriad challenges faced by Muslim women through the lens of a compassionate and just Islam.
Mesyuarat serta pertemuan Gabungan Pemuda Serantau yang dianjurkan oleh Sisters in Islam hari ini berjaya mengumpulkan 44 pemimpin belia dari lima buah negara dari Singapura, Filipina, Thailand, Indonesia termasuk Tuan Rumah, Malaysia.
Sisters in Islam (SIS) is concerned that continued delay in amending laws to end child marriage comes at the expense of hundreds of children who continue to be exposed to this vulnerability.
In a narration by Anas ibn Malik, it was reported that a man once passed the Prophet and said to him, “Death be upon you!” When the Prophet’s companions heard what happened, they became angry and offered to kill the man.