• No. 4 Lorong 11/8E, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.


Sisters in Islam (SIS) is a leading Malaysian women’s NGO working for justice and equality for Muslim women. SIS has widen the space for public debate and discussion on Muslim women’s rights overall as well as other issues of fundamental liberties. The work we do has far-reaching impact and has support regionally and globally.

There are two vacancies at SIS, and you are welcome to drop your CV with us for our future reference.
SIS is always on the lookout for interns, so do contact us if you want an exciting experience with us!

Job Vacancies

Legal & Advocacy Senior Officer
Communications Manager

A. Legal & Advocacy Senior Officer

Responsibilities of the Position

Reporting directly to the Program Manager of Advocacy, Legal Services & Research Unit (“ALSR”), the Legal and Advocacy Senior Officer is responsible providing legal advice and supervising and co-ordinating SIS Forum Malaysia (SIS)’s legal advisory services, managing SIS’s legal cases in court, networking and communicating effectively with the general public and target groups and delivering programmes and activities as assigned.

1. Legal Advisory Services

  • To provide the organisation with necessary legal advice and opinion;
  • To manage the organisation’s cases in court;
  • Has a supervisory capacity over the legal officer and chambering students in Telenisa;
  • As assigned, to provide legal advice to clients of Telenisa;
  • To coordinate and be a resource person in the orientation session for Telenisa chambering students;
  • To supervise the maintenance of the Telenisa database, and draft the Telenisa statistics booklet annually, and identify trends and areas for advocacy.

2. Monitor Women’s Access to Justice

  • To monitor cases in the Syariah Courts and identify instances of discrimination and biasness which leads to reduced or removal of access to justice;
  • As assigned, to be part of the legal advisory team for clients, particularly in very complex cases;
  • To identify trends and systematic weaknesses in the legal and judicial system, to prepare submissions to government or articles to press and to conduct other activities to advocate for reform.

3. Advocacy, Engagement and Outreach

  • Where required, to give input, talks and media interviews to raise public awareness on women’s rights and access to justice;
  • To source out opportunities to disseminate legal literacy awareness information to the public, and to women in particular;
  • To provide content for SIS legal literacy publications;
  • To support other units in the organisation in engagement and outreach programmes.

4. Networking

  • To liaise with women’s groups, other NGOs, government agencies, religious institutions and others to promote the work and interests of SIS;
  • To build allies for policy and law reforms;
  • To represent SIS at national, regional and international meetings, seminars, workshops, media interviews and conferences as required.

5. Others

  • To support the Management to draw up programmes for funding proposals, submissions or contracts/agreements.
  • To undertake administrative tasks related to the job function;
  • To support the Management in any other tasks as instructed in pursuit of the vision, mission and objectives of SIS;
  • Prepare reports to the Program Manager on the progress of work and to inform of any issues which are potentially constructive or detrimental to the organization;
  • Carry out other duties as may be reasonably required to meet the primary objectives of the position.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in law;
  • Knowledge on Shariah laws and the Shariah legal system;
  • Team player with the ability to work independently and manage multiple tasks;
  • Good command of English and Bahasa Malaysia;
  • Willing to be involved in public advocacy work or event;
  • Candidates with counselling experience/knowledge are encouraged to apply.


B. Communications Manager

Responsibilities of the Position 

The Communications Manager develops, manages and implements a strategic communications program that supports SIS’s mission and objectives under the direction of the Executive Director.

  1. Communications:
  • Conceptualise, plan and apply a communication (press, social media, and public engagement) strategy in relation to traditional and emergent media that will enable SIS to communicate effectively with the general public and also target groups, including policy makers, the religious authorities, the academia, Islamic and women’s groups and Friends of Sisters in Islam.
  • Continually evaluate SIS communications strategies, including the use of various campaigns to facilitate successful outcomes of SIS law and policy reform initiatives.
  • Planning and execution of communications related programmes and events, including workshops, seminars and productions.
  • Promote SIS as the voice of moderation and reason in Islam.
  • Monitor and ensure the effectiveness of the SIS website as a resource and advocacy tool to promote the work of SIS.
  • Co-manage the SIS database, ensuring it is up-to-date, continually expanded and evaluated to ensure it sustains a capacity for strategic and efficient communications and marketing.
  • Assist in writing letters or memoranda to the Government, letters to the editor, press statements and to give press interviews on issues of concern.
  • Ensure follow-up work is done to meet the objectives of each project in the Communications Unit.
  1. Media:
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of an annual media strategy, which maximises the potential of all media outlets by identifying opportunities to engage proactively to raise the profile of SIS and SIS issues in all relevant media.
  • Ensure that relationships, including new contacts, are developed with the media to promote SIS mission and objectives.
  • Maintain a media database of journalists, editors and other editorial personnel.
  • Maintain a database of press secretaries, public relation personnel, media personnel, corporate communication personnel, marcom personnel and other communications personnel.
  • Monitor and regulate the response to reactive media queries, including working with programme staff and SIS members who are part of the first line response to such queries.
  • Initiate, coordinate or provide support for proactive coverage of issues related to SIS mission and objectives, including press conferences, media briefings and interviews.
  • Monitor the implementation of the standard media response plan.
  • Ensure that processes are put in place to keep SIS aware of media coverage of women’s rights and Islam and related issues and that the implications of information gathered from such processes are communicated internally and externally.
  • Provide advice and direct support on publicity and media interest for key events and fundraising activities.
  • Produce news releases, statements and articles for internal and external publications.
  • Daily media monitoring and analysis of news with regards to SIS work and issues.
  • Pitch important SIS issues to media for print, online and broadcast exposure opportunities
  • Spread awareness to members of media on gender appropriate language, angles and ethics of news reporting
  • Establish and maintain good working relationship with members of the media.
  • Analysis of broad and focused media trends and current issues and recommendations to Executive Director and Management Team.
  1. Social Media
  • Supervise all social media strategy and goals to increase brand awareness and engagement.
  • Creation of timely and comprehensive social media content to increase number of followers and rate of engagement across all current and future SIS social media platforms.
  • Monitoring and analysis of broad and focused social media trends.
  • Ensure that all SIS social media platforms remain as safe and constructive spaces for conversations on SIS issues.
  • Establish and maintain good relationships with people who frequently contribute constructive engagements on SIS social media platforms.
  • Monitor and supervise performance of all social media platform using tools such as Facebook Business Manager, Google Analytics and any other relevant tools.
  • Supervise marketing and advertising campaign on Facebook with Facebook Business Manager, Google Adwords and any other relevant marketing and advertising campaign platforms. (This requires rudimentary knowledge on how Facebook Marketing, Business Manager and Google Adwords function).
  • Supervise live social media streaming of public SIS events and facilitation of online commentary pre, during and post streaming.
  1. Publications
  • Supervise the production of the SIS Annual Report, Baraza! E-Newsletter and Q&A booklets to promote better understanding of issues in Islam and developments in the Muslim world
  • Supervise all other SIS publications to their satisfactory completion
  • Supervise the effective promotion and distribution of SIS publications, at the national and international levels
  • Promote the translation of SIS publications;
  • Supervise production of video and other broadcast content for SIS
  • Prepare funding proposals and reports on the programme.
  1. Knowledge Management and Info-Comms
  • Coordinate queries pertaining to knowledge management;
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing with SIS staff, SIS members and relevant partners;
  • Supervision to ensure that SIS website is maintained, updated regularly and suggest improvements.
  1. Networking
  • Liaise with other women’s groups, government agencies, religious institutions and others to promote the work and interests of SIS.
  • Give talks as and when required.
  • Represent SIS at relevant meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, training programmes, locally and internationally.
  1. Organisational Development (General)
  • Report regularly to the Executive Director on the progress of work and inform the Management Team of any issues which are potentially constructive or detrimental to the organization in a timely manner;
  • Assist in the conduct of activities such as meetings, brainstorming exercises etc as deemed appropriate by the Executive Director;
  • Participate in staff meetings, and in Management Team meetings;
  • In collaboration with the Executive Director and appropriate staff members, contribute to the development of funding proposals, submissions and/or contracts/agreements.
  1. Others
  • Ensure high quality implementation of projects;
  • Assist in day-to-day efficient running of the office;
  • Assist the Executive Director and the management team in any other tasks as instructed in pursuit of the vision, mission and objectives of Sisters in Islam;
  • Carry out other duties as may be reasonably required to meet the primary objectives of the position.

Required Qualifications & Experience 

  1. Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in Communications, Public Relations or media studies;
  2. 5 years of professional experience with a minimum of 3 years of senior communications leadership experience;
  3. Experience in developing an organization-wide strategy for program excellence, engaging community partners, media, and partnering with an Executive Director and peers;
  4. Possess effective oral and written communication skills including strong interpersonal skills.
  5. Experience with reporting and evaluating communication effectiveness;
  6. Passionate to work with NGO.

Send us your CV and apply for a position with SIS.

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