Universal Human Rights Framework

In reference to this article published in Malaysiakini today, PAS has cross the line in asserting that a fate akin to the Uyghur Muslim minority in China awaits Malay Muslims if non-Muslims are left to run the country.
We, the undersigned, are concerned about the sentence that has been meted out to the Facebook account holder for a posting deemed insulting to Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.
Berikutan hukuman sebat dua orang wanita di Terengganu, Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) dan beberapa organisasi masyarakat sivil menggesa kerajaan Malaysia untuk menangguhkan perlaksanaan hukuman korporal dengan kadar segara.
In the wake of the caning of two women in Terengganu, the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) and other concerned civil society actors urge the Malaysian government to immediately enforce a moratorium on corporal punishment.