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In all societies, regardless of whatever law applicable, there will always be breakdown of marriages. Hence, it becomes necessary to devise the most effective means of remedy by which the law may mitigate the harmful consequences of marital breakdown and to provide some measure of confidence and efficiency for the parties concerned.
This memorandum is submitted to the Government of Malaysia to reiterate our call for the Syariah Criminal Offences laws to be repealed on the grounds that they have no basis in Islamic legal theory and practice; they conflict with the Federal Constitution and that they conflict or overlap with the Penal Code and other federal laws.
Patik sekelian yang bertanda tangan dibawah merafak sembah memohon limpah perkenan Kebawah Duli-Duli Yang Maha Mulia Majlis Raja Raja Melayu untuk memberi pertimbangan keatas kemelut penuduhan yang dibuat ke atas diri patik- patik oleh organisasi-organisasi tertentu.
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