Sisters in Islam extends condolences on the passing of Dr Lo’Lo Mohd Ghazali MP for Titiwangsa

Driven, determined and fair – this is how Sisters in Islam (SIS) will remember Dr Lo’Lo Mohd Ghazali who passed away on Sunday from a long bout of cancer. An exceptional doctor-turned- politician, she stood up for justice and women’s rights and fought bravely for more women to be represented in leadership positions in PAS.

In 2001, to the surprise of many, Dr Lo’Lo became the only woman to be elected to the PAS Central Working Committee. She served her party well, standing tall alongside her male counterparts in the party.

SIS will also remember her for her willingness to listen, connect with others, share and exchange ideas, especially with those who did not profess the same views and positions held by her party.

At the 55th PAS Muktamar in 2009, Dr Lo’Lo defended SIS when a motion was made for SIS to be banned. She rejected outright the call for the ban and instead encouraged discussion and engagement with SIS on matters of interest and concern to both.

We will also fondly remember Dr Lo’Lo as a passionate representative of the people, especially for her constituency, Titiwangsa, and a wonderful wife, mother and daughter.

She was well-regarded in political circles for her astuteness in handling issues and for helping her constituents. No problem or obstacle was too big for her.

As one of a handful of women leaders in PAS, she paved the way and inspired more women to move up the ranks in the party. At the same PAS Muktamar in 2009, she famously said: “It’s time that the women’s wing goes beyond the “tea lady” era and not just serve as the souvenir and gifts committee.” Since then, many more women have assumed leadership positions in the male-dominated party hierarchy.

The country has lost a capable, committed and courageous leader who worked selflessly even in illness, to see a better Malaysia.

SIS extends our deepest condolences to the family of Dr Lo’Lo.


Sisters in Islam
19 July 2011