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Activism Unleashed – Strengthening Voices for Reform Workshop

Recently, SIS hosted an engaging workshop titled “Activism Unleashed – Strengthening Voices for Reform”. Through this workshop, participants gained valuable skills and knowledge to effectively advocate for positive societal change both online and offline.

As part of the activities, participants delved into the basics of video scriptwriting and learned how to produce compelling mobile videos for advocacy purposes. These hands-on sessions equipped them with the tools necessary to amplify their voices and contribute to meaningful discussions on important issues.

We are thrilled to present a showcase of the inspiring videos crafted by our talented participants. This first featured video sheds light on the effects of censoring freedom of thought and creativity. A big round of applause and thank you to all the participants for their hard work!

Ha Ha Haram (Mentega Terbang) Video 1

Benci Hate Speech – Video 2

Kita Semua Setia – Video 3