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Solidarity for YB Amira Aisya!

The statement is in response to the recent news of MUDA deputy president’s criticism towards Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who made an inappropriate joke toward an 18-year-old girl by saying that he would ask for her number if he was younger as featured in Malaysiakini published on 25th June 2023: (Headline: Muda deputy: Objectifying women not funny, PM must apologise)

Sisters in Islam (SIS) strongly condemns the harassment and attacks directed at YB Amira Aisya Abdul Aziz, MUDA deputy president for bravely criticising Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who made a joke towards an 18-year-old girl by saying that he would ask for her number if he was younger. This remark is inappropriate, unacceptable and unprofessional, especially coming from the Prime Minister of Malaysia. 

Additionally, the remark is sexist and it undermines and objectifies women. It perpetuates harmful stereotypes, which contribute to a culture of discrimination and inequality. The open verbal action of sexist comments, particularly by politicians is deeply concerning. When politicians or any individuals in a position of power engage in such behaviour, it sends a negative message to society as it normalises sexist attitudes. This, in return, can have far more damaging implications, allowing sexism to persist in different aspects of life such as at  the workplaces and in social interactions.

We call everyone  to reject and condemn such behavior, recognising that it undermines the progress towards equality and respect for women. It is imperative that leaders, especially those in positions of power, set an example to promote  inclusivity, gender sensitivity, and respectful dialogue.

SIS stands in solidarity with YB Amira Aisya and all individuals who have been subjected to sexist comments and harassment. We urge for a collective effort to challenge and eradicate sexism in all its forms, fostering a society where every individual is treated with dignity, equality, and respect.