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SIS Stands in Solidarity with People of Palestine

Sisters in Islam (SIS) opposes the ongoing genocide of the Palestine people by Israel. Since the violent attacks on 7th October 2023, we have witnessed the daily   violence inflicted upon Palestinians, especially women and children. The continuous  news on loss of lives affects us deeply, emphasising the urgent need for a permanent ceasefire.

The impact on the daily lives of Palestinians is devastating, not only women, men and children in Palestine face the constant threat of unimaginable violence but they also endure severe challenges in accessing basic necessities such as food, water, shelter, and medicines, exacerbating the plight of the Palestinians.

Disturbingly, Gaza’s Ministry of Health has reported that at least 23,469 Palestinians have lost their lives and 59,604 have been injured in Israeli strikes since 7th October 2023. The daily death toll of 250 people, including 48 mothers and 117 children daily; and 629 people wounded  exceeds the death toll of any other recent major conflicts, reflecting an unprecedented level of targeted violence. These attacks have also caused Gaza to become uninhabitable due to Israel’s ongoing assaults, with famine looming as Palestinians struggle with food insecurity. 

Following these attacks, South Africa has initiated a legal action against Israel by filing a lawsuit concerning the genocide of the Gaza people in December 2023. The case, which is currently being tried in a two-day public hearing starting yesterday, 11th January 2024 until today, 12th January 2024 at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) presented arguments that Israel has committed violations under Article 2B of the Genocide convention thus, emphasising the grave concerns surrounding the ongoing situation and the global community’s commitment to seek justice and accountability for any violence of international law.

SIS urges the international community to condemn the violence and call for a permanent ceasefire to stand against the injustice and inhumane treatment of the Palestinians and uphold the principles of human rights and dignity for all.

SIS stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine.