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Selangor’s Proposed Unilateral Conversion Bill: What Are They Not Telling Us?

Sisters in Islam (SIS) demands that all parties are transparent about motives behind discussions with regards to a proposed bill in Selangor that would pave the way for unilateral conversion of minors in the state.

We demand to know who proposed this bill as well as the reason behind it, given that a landmark ruling has already been made at the Federal Court in January last year. It is important that the intentions of the bill is made clear to the public in order to prevent the manipulation of our country’s plural legal system and exploitation of Islam for political purposes.

Secret meetings and closed door discussions is unbecoming of a Malaysia whose ambition is to hold democracy, transparency and integrity with the highest regards. We are concerned and disappointed that public engagements are not being held as this decision will not only have devastating effects on the family institution, but also negatively affect the lives of thousands of children in Selangor.

Sisters in Islam
8 August 2019