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Press Statement: Sexist Remark by MP Undermines Public Confidence in Lawmakers

Sisters in Islam strongly objects to the sexist and degrading statement issued by the PAS MP Abdul Fatah Harun in the Parliament yesterday. It undermines public confidence and trust in the ability and credibility of such lawmakers responsible for passing laws that protect and promote the interest and rights of women. Unfortunately, Abdul Fatah’s debasing views on women are shared by many other MPs who have made similar statements over the years. It clearly shows the urgent need for gender-sensitization of our MPs.

We urge that a Parliamentary Gender Caucus be formed immediately to ensure that gender perspectives are included in all Parliamentary debates, government policies and legislations.

This will reflect the Malaysian Government’s commitment to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and its international obligations under CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women) and the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (on women’s empowerment).

Sisters in Islam
27 April 2006