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Press Statement: Children’s Dignity Must Be Upheld

Sisters in Islam (SIS) is outraged that the video depicting Aliff Syukri’s 9-year-old daughter crying while her father applies ointment to the bruises that he inflicted onto her remains published on his Instagram to today. The video, which carries a timestamp from 24 April 2019 has amassed over a million views.
It is ironic that in Aliff Syukri’s attempt to teach his daughter “dignity” has resulted in him dishonouring her on social media. The video, being still available for viewing on Aliff Syukri’s own social media channel, clearly shows his lack of remorse and shame for the physical, psychological and emotional abuse that he had inflicted, despite his public apology and expression of regret.
We demand that this video be removed from the social media application immediately.
We are also extremely disturbed about the comment passed by Aliff Syukri’s wife dismissing the child’s cries as simply being “dramatic.” The comment attempts to downplay the trauma experienced by the child. This not only invalidates the emotions felt by the child, but has significant impacts onto her self-confidence and sense of empowerment.
We applaud efforts by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry for initiating investigations into this case. These investigations should not take this case as an isolated event, but should also consider how the family exploits their children for the family business via social media, and the damaging long term effects that this has over the children’s sense of self-image and self-approval.
Parents have an important responsibility to shape how children define love not only towards the family but also towards themselves. It is therefore of utmost priority that children are protected from abuse and exploitation especially in their formative and most impressionable years.
Sisters in Islam
6 May 2019