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Judicial Review Challenges Unjust and Inefficient Administration of Shari’ah Laws in Malaysia

SIS is alarmed to read that the Minister for Religion is calling for all Muslims to defend their religion ‘by any method’. Does this mean he is giving the go-ahead for anyone to take vigilante action against those the Minister deems unIslamic, including violence? Does this mean that should anyone physically attack such persons, the state will take no action against them?

We would like to remind the Minister that Malaysia is a democratic country, not an theocratic dictatorship. Our Federal Constitution guarantees the fundamental liberties of every citizen including Muslims. The rule of law applies to everyone, and everyone has a right to seek redress in the courts if they feel they have been unfairly treated.

We are also puzzled as to why everything should be treated as a challenge to Islam. Perhaps more correctly these are challenges to the unjust and inefficient administration of syariah laws in this country, laws which are man-made and therefore fallible?

Sisters in Islam
9 November 2014