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Sisters in Islam (SIS) is concerned that continued delay in amending laws to end child marriage comes at the expense of hundreds of children who continue to be exposed to this vulnerability.
In a narration by Anas ibn Malik, it was reported that a man once passed the Prophet and said to him, “Death be upon you!” When the Prophet’s companions heard what happened, they became angry and offered to kill the man.
This is a dark day for Malaysia, says Sisters in Islam’s Executive Director, Rozana Isa, in response to a High Court decision which has upheld the fatwa against the organisation.
Sisters in Islam (SIS) is concerned that in the past few weeks, the welfare of children has been sidelined and pushed down the priority list as the government and opposition appears distracted by their own political agendas.
Sisters in Islam (SIS) demands that all parties are transparent about motives behind discussions with regards to a proposed bill in Selangor that would pave the way for unilateral conversion of minors in the state.
Sisters in Islam (SIS) calls upon the Malaysian government to take proactive measures in making necessary legal amendments, and rolling out necessary ground initiatives to end child marriage for all children in Malaysia, with no exceptions.
Sisters in Islam (SIS) is concerned that anti-discrimination provisions to protect job seekers on the grounds of gender, religion, race, disability, language, marital status and pregnancy, would not be included as an amendment to the Employment Act 1955.
On 17 June 2019, Sisters in Islam (SIS) turned up once again at the Kuala Lumpur High Court to hear our legal challenge against a fatwa issued by the Selangor islamic Religious Council (MAIS).
Islamic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mujahid Rawa and the National Council for Islamic Religious Affairs Malaysia (MKI) should prioritised ensuring the uniformity of Islamic Family Laws (IFL) and the increase in minimum age of marriage between all states in Malaysia.
Sisters in Islam (SIS) is outraged to learn that Segamat Municipal Council (MPS) officers have resorted to disguising themselves as food stall operators, cooks and waiters in a effort to spy on Muslims who are not fasting.