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Selangor’s Proposed Unilateral Conversion Bill: What Are They Not Telling Us?

Move to End Child Marriage in Malaysia

Keadilan untuk Sisters in Islam

Justice for Sisters in Islam

Standardise Islamic Family Laws for all states in Malaysia

JAG Statement: PKR: launch internal investigation on sexual harassment report

Undercover Council Officers is Abuse of Public Funds

The Obsession to Control What Women Wear Needs to Stop

Children’s Dignity Must Be Upheld

Stop Deliberately Instilling Fear Among Malaysians

SIS Fatwa Trial Postponed to 17th June

SIS congratulates Tengku Maimun as Malaysia’s first woman CJ

SIS Welcomes Set Up of New Court

Kenyataan JAG: Pertahankan Ruang Demokrasi Untuk Semua (10 Mac 2019)

Sending Love to Georgetown City

Press Statement: Malaysia Must Protect Girls From Harmful Practices and End Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

Underage Marriage Continues to Haunt Malaysia

Terengganu Child Marriage Numbers Alarms SIS

Kenyataan Akhbar: Angka Perkahwinan Kanak-Kanak di Terengganu Membimbangkan SIS

Kenyataan Media: Perkahwinan Kanak-Kanak Tidak Harus Dipertahankan

JAG Statement: Government Committees and Councils must live up 30 percent promise

SIS Statement: There are no “Religious Factors” that justifies Marital Rape

SIS Statement: All Muslims should support the ratification of ICERD

SIS Outraged on Caning sentence handed to 45-year old Widow

SIS response to direction by Datuk Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa

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