Shahrizat, What’s Your Game Plan Now?

Bregitta Wong Fui Lin
Feb 22, 06 4:06pm

By now, we all know what has happened. The entire nation knows. Maybe neighbouring countries as well. Our ever lovely Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat, YB Dato Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, has made the biggest U-turn ever in the history of Malaysian politics.

I am of course referring to her about-turn on the Islamic Family Law bill. Has anyone ever wondered why this sudden, deathly U-turn by Shahrizat? Is there a conspiracy in the Malaysian government? Because I believe no woman in her right mind would make such a sudden decision to go back on her word, especially when she herself claimed that the Islamic Family Law bill has flaws (so many flaws by the way).

What is going to happen now? Are we still asking for amendments to the bill or what? Or should we ask Shahrizat to step down? I mean, why should she be the minister for women’s affairs when she has lied and showed no interest in helping the women of Malaysia?

And talking about the Islamic Family Law bill, guess what? The recent reshuffling of the cabinet does not really help. I mean you have ministers who either practices or have practiced polygamy? Like hello? I hope I don’t have to slap the names in your faces because one of them is pretty obvious and was very open about it.

Why should I as a woman of this country trust the new cabinet to fight for the rights of women? (Especially to change the law on polygamy and of course, the Islamic Family Law bill).

Has anyone out there wondered that if the Islamic Family Law bill does not change, by the time we reach the year of our Vision 2020 our country will most probably be filled with unmarried Muslim women? And if our country is overpopulated with unmarried women, what will happen then? Ever thought of that? Will this maybe encourage our Malaysian Muslim women to marry foreigners even more?

No doubt our country is a melting pot for many races and cultures, but if Malaysian Muslim women were to marry foreigners, wouldn’t the authenticity and the pureness of the Malay culture be gone or diminished by the time we reach year 2020? Think about it. Who knows, by then our country will be so mixed, we might as well call ourselves Americans.

Anyway, what do we, as the citizens, do? Accept the current scenario as normal and go on with our lives or demand for another cabinet reshuffle again? It’s never going to end, is it? Well, good luck to all the women of Malaysia.

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