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SIS Welcomes Set Up of New Court

We refer to this article: Sisters in Islam welcomes the move to set up a court specifically to handle...
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Press Statement

SIS response to direction by Datuk Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa

Sisters in Islam (SIS) applauds the direction set by Datuk Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa in insisting that what Muslims do...
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Sisters in Islam’s case a victory as it returns to High Court

The Federal Court today has instructed the fatwa case against Sisters in Islam (SIS) to be returned to the High...
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High price to pay for lack of political will

The fact that child marriage continues to happen in Malaysia underscores the reality that the price that girls have to...
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Diversity and Unity are Blessings to be Celebrated

Looking back, the lead up to GE14 had been one of the most unifying moments in our country’s history. From...
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JAG calls for immediate moratorium on corporal punishment and to address crisis in the justice system

In the wake of the caning of two women in Terengganu, the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) and...
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JAG mengesa penangguhan segera bagi hukuman korporal dan penyelesaian krisis dalam sistem keadilan

Berikutan hukuman sebat dua orang wanita di Terengganu, Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) dan beberapa organisasi masyarakat sivil...
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Memorandum JAG: Keadilan bagi Dua Wanita yang Dijatuhkan Hukuman Sebat di Makamah Syariah Terengganu

Latar belakangPada 12 Ogos 2018, dua wanita telah didapati bersalah atas cubaan musahaqah (hubungan seks sesama wanita) di bawah Seksyen...
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JAG Memorandum: Justice for the Two Women Sentenced to Caning at the Syariah High Court in Terengganu

Background On 12 August 2018, two women were found guilty of attempted musahaqah (sexual relations between women) under Section 30...
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Terengganu Syariah High Court executes against the law

KUALA TERENGGANU, 3 September -- The Kuala Terengganu Syariah High Court today executed six strokes of the cane against two...
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It’s time for tough love

THIS time last year, I wrote about my longing for a better Malaysia, and how my utter belief that this...
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Are We Truly Free?

Historically, women have played a critical role in the struggle for independence and nation building. Yet, these women were written...
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Halt All Caning Punishments Pending Treaty Ratification

The Pakatan Harapan government must strongly condemn caning as a form of punishment pending the country’s ratification of six United...
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Remembering Our Humanity on Aidil Adha – Love, Perseverance and Respect

The brutal attack against a transgender woman in Seremban just a week ago is a disturbing sign of times for...
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Walk the Talk to End Child Marriage

Over 200 students and members of the public turned up for a rally today in a roaring show of support...
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JAG Statement: Open letter to the Dewan Rakyat Selection Committee

Open letter to the Dewan Rakyat Selection Committee Form Parliamentary Select Committee on Gender Equality The Joint Action Group for...
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