Impact of Extremism on Women

“Kita perlu faham mengapa orang menjadi radikal sehingga menjadi pelampau yang ekstrim, dan meletakkannya pada perspektif wanita dan belia,” kata Pengasas dan Pengarah Komuniti Muslim Universal Malaysia, Aizat Samsuddin.
A Regional Youth Caucus Meeting organised by Sisters in Islam today, brought together an exciting group of 44 youth leaders from five countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. This Meeting aims to analyse and offer actionable solutions for the myriad challenges faced by Muslim women through the lens of a compassionate and just Islam.
Mesyuarat serta pertemuan Gabungan Pemuda Serantau yang dianjurkan oleh Sisters in Islam hari ini berjaya mengumpulkan 44 pemimpin belia dari lima buah negara dari Singapura, Filipina, Thailand, Indonesia termasuk Tuan Rumah, Malaysia.
Sisters in Islam (SIS) is concerned that continued delay in amending laws to end child marriage comes at the expense of hundreds of children who continue to be exposed to this vulnerability.
In a narration by Anas ibn Malik, it was reported that a man once passed the Prophet and said to him, “Death be upon you!” When the Prophet’s companions heard what happened, they became angry and offered to kill the man.
Sisters in Islam (SIS) demands that all parties are transparent about motives behind discussions with regards to a proposed bill in Selangor that would pave the way for unilateral conversion of minors in the state.
On 17 June 2019, Sisters in Islam (SIS) turned up once again at the Kuala Lumpur High Court to hear our legal challenge against a fatwa issued by the Selangor islamic Religious Council (MAIS).